Working With A Social Media Manager-Where to Start

working with a social media manager

Working With A Social Media Manager-Where to Start

You have a registered business, product or a service, and a website. You have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars to get where you are, not to mention, countless hours of your time. However, there’s no clients and no sales. You feel that you should be doing more, but there aren’t enough hours in the day. You know it’s time to get help.

But where and how and who can I trust? I recommend joining Facebook groups for entrepreneurs. Here you can find a Social Media Manager or Virtual Assistant that is a perfect fit for your business. Do a zoom call or a phone call with the potential candidate for your position. You can also search LinkedIn for your perfect Social Media Expert.

Ask to See their Work and Experience and References

This is important. It speaks volumes about what they have skills in and who they have helped previously or currently. Take the time to look at their online presence and explore their website. You can learn a lot from these things. It’s worth taking the time.

Look for someone experienced in the areas that you feel they need to be experienced in. Or are you a business owner that thinks just anyone can do social media? Everyone can, but not everyone can do it well.

What is a Social Media Manager? Typically, a social media manager is the person within an organization who is trusted with monitoring, executing, filtering and measuring the social media presence of a product, brand, corporation or even individual.

There are many responsibilities involved in this position, it’s very time consuming. You should remember that you had to hire someone to do it because you didn’t have the time. If you asked your Social Media Manager to do additional tasks such as networking, customer service, taking photographs, or blogging— take in consideration their TIME involved.


Go on some of those sites and pay someone $7.00 an hour to do you social media, what a bargain. You get what you pay for. Wouldn’t you rather have someone experienced and that can adapt, communicate with you, and change up your social media strategy to get results? Someone who’s invested in your business because they took the time to learn it. They become trusted, they communicate, react, and execute well. They are worth what they charge. They are skilled in their area of expertise.

Teach them About the Business

A good Social Media Manager or Social Media Assistant will want to dive in and understand your business like you do. You must be willing to teach them, and no, you don’t have to teach them everything, but they should know your product, goals, and target customers. A few zoom sessions, email, or phone conversations goes a long way in educating them. Over time, they should be able to fully represent your business online.


Share with each other what you expect. Business owners, you have to communicate with your Social Media Manager!!! Communication is the key to any good relationship. They cannot read your mind. You should always be on the same page. Revisit and connect often to discuss strategies and sales. BIG PROBLEM: Many managers/assistants that help businesses cannot get their work or projects finished because a team member is not giving them what they need. So, projects never get completed, goals never get met, and the business never moves forward. Give your person what they need, when they need it.


What should you expect? I would like this to be clear – A Social Media Manager or your Virtual Assistant is NOT SOLEY responsible for making you sales or getting you clients. It’s not fair to expect that of them. Sales and clients happen when…

  • People see your BUSINESS online (People can’t buy what they don’t see!)
  • You consistently lead them to make a purchase (to a website, shop, or landing page)
  • The benefits you share, and your copy entices them to buy
  • People see ‘proof’ or read reviews that your product works or services solves
  • It’s a good deal, sale, or special.

Grow Your Business

Respect your Social Media Manager or Virtual Assistant for their expertise. Listen to their strategies and they should listen to your suggestions. Together, you plan. Figure out how it’s best to put your business out on the internet (exposure). Grow your business using images and videos that appeal to your target customer or client. Put strategies in place to draw your target in with what you have to offer them. Tell them over and over and over again (in different ways) why they need what you have. The right person will discover your business and BOOM, they will buy.

A few words from me about people finding your business. How can they buy your products or use your services if they never see it? Stop being fearful of putting your business out there. Stay in front of your audience.

What about placing ads? It’s worth it to spend a little money each month to place ads. Those ads are set up to reach exactly who you want to reach. That’s the name of the game, isn’t it?

Move your business forward by gathering the TEAM that you need. It’s worth the investment.

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