Virtual Assistant -Your Specialty. Steps to Help Your Business Take off.

Virtual Assistant - Your Specialty

You could say I’m a “seasoned Virtual Assistant”. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and virtual assistants on business strategy and growth since 2013.

Being a Virtual Assistant is fun, rewarding, and sometimes challenging. But I want you to keep something in mind from the very beginning and throughout your journey, your skills are important and needed!

I struggled at the beginning. I learned through trial and error. You will too. I want to share with you steps to help your business take off. Things will finally start to fall into place!

First off, I don’t know what I would of done without a mentor. Someone who had been in the Virtual Assistant world and knew what I did not know.

I studied and researched the term Virtual Assistant and listened to my mentor.

5 important things I learned about starting a successful Virtual Assistant business you need to know right away.

Choose A Specialty

You can offer many services, but showcase a specialty. Whether its website maintenance, social media management, copywriter, or blogger assistant, choose one. This makes you stand out for something special. Make sure it’s something you enjoy doing. Reasearch the ‘need’ for this service. Be ready to show & showcase your work.

Note: While researching, notice the keywords or keyword phrases that come up in Google as you type that specialty in. See image below. I typed in ‘blogger assistant’ into Google and at the bottom of the page it automatically shows other ‘related searches’ that people have previously typed in and searched on that subject. Start a list of these terms and keep them handy.

Charge What Your Worth – Figure your time involved, monthly business expenses etc. Charge what your worth. PERIOD. Stay tuned for future posts on charging what your worth. If you would like help with that one-on-one click here and schedule a session with me!

Put up a website. I recommend WordPress or Squarespace. Squarespace is drag and drop but can still be complicated. Here is a video How To Make a WordPress Website – 2021 from Tyler Moore. Way back back when I built my website, he is who taught me on Youtube! Thank you Tyler! Use those keyword and keyword phrases (SEO) for people to find your website. No obligation, but I in case you need more help with SEO, I need to tell you about a publication that I created to teach you where and How to Attract People to What You Sell Using SEO Keywords!

Become visible. That’s why you need a website. Change your attitude from “I need to find clients” to “I will be so visible that clients will find me”. Stay visible constantly. Don’t stay on Facebook and waste your time day after day. I don’t even have a business Facebook page.

How do I help clients find me?

  • Register with Google My Business
  • Blogging
  • Flash sales with % off (don’t give your services away)
  • Advertise in FREE facebook groups in your community that allow businesses to post
  • Pass out flyers
  • Post occassionaly to your personal Facebook and Instagram pages about your business (what you do/Flash sales) your friends and family can be your best advertisers and supporters.

Example: Someone I went to school with saw my personal facebook profile what states what I do and recommended me to someone they knew that need my help. BINGO! New client.

Tell Them What You Do Over and Over Again – Tell them (your readers, followers, friends, family, neighbors, community) Who You Help, how you help, and what you do over and over again! The internet is overloaded. Believe me, people need help. They don’t know where to look. Get in front of people any way that you can.

I’m Darlene McKinney. I hope your day is wonderful. And I hope my blog helps you in many ways! Wishing you the best always. Contact me here or if you would like to do a Grow Your Business Session go here! Find resources to grow your business right here!

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