Finding Your Peace is Important

Do you feel lost every day. Are you on autopilot, just going through the motion. Is your day full of rushing, work, and endless chores. Work on finding your peace.

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you a teacher? Do you wait tables at a restaurant? No matter what you do for a living, you must slow down and take care of yourself. That’s where you’ll find your peace.

I’ve learned this the hard way. I’m a mother, a wife, and an entrepreneur. My body was telling me to stop, slow down, find peace, and get healthy. And I listened! You should too!

What’s Your Body Telling You?

If you were to write your answers down to me, what would they say? Are you a mess?

You can’t run a business, succeed at your career, raise a family, and be happy if you aren’t well. Finding your peace is important.

What is peace? I call it a rhythm of a happy life. My life. Your life.

Think back to when you were at your happiest when you were a young you. You were carefree and happy. Nothing bothered you. Your smile was planted on your face all the time. The world has changed that. You need to change back.

Get rid of things that are ruining your life. Is it your job? A relationship? A habit?

It’s easier said than done, but in the end, it has to be your choice and you must be the one to toss it. Read Spring Clean Your Life: 11 Ideas to Freshen Up Your Mind, Body and Routines

Add things that bring true happiness to your life. Read every night. Volunteer. Change careers. Invest in your future smarter. Add fitness. Take time each day for you. Learn to de-stress. Start making wreaths or do crafts. Find what works for you.

Ask for help. You have people who care. Reach out. They can’t help if they don’t know or don’t understand. Take a class. See a therapist. Speak to a friend. Sit your partner down. Talk with a trusted family member.

Be true to yourself. Don’t say yes, if you mean no. Stand your ground. Slow down and breathe (this is difficult for many). Focus on your breaths in a quiet place. Drop your shoulders up and down as you breathe. Take a warm shower or bath. Take a walk. Write in a journal.

Let Your Loved Ones Solve Their Own Problems

I’m speaking of both children and adults. Make them responsible for their life, responsibilities, and actions. AND they must learn their actions good and bad have consequences. You can’t save and fix everyone. It’s not possible. AND it’s not your responsibility, so stop feeling guilty for it. Read more about this topic here! Why You Try to “Save” People (and Why You Should Stop)

This was important for me to learn. This was important for finding my peace. I had to let go of the belief that everything my close relatives went through (mostly the bad stuff) was mine to fix. No! It was and is not.

Remember when it comes to other people’s problems, they must solve them or figure out how to deal with it. Offer to be a listener and only a listener. That’s all you can do. Stop carrying the burden of their choices on your back.

Sleep and Rest are The Best Medicine

Have a bedtime routine. They are not just for babies and children!

Seriously. Exercise or stretch. Take a shower or bath. Read.

No electronics. No phone. No T.V.

Have a set bedtime and a set time to wake up. Routines work!

Sleep and rest are the best medicine.

This will help you find your peace! Quiet your world. You have control.

I’m Darlene McKinney. I’m an entrepreneur, mom, and wife. I hope my blog helps you in some small way! I believe we are all still learning every day and we can learn from each other. Wishing you the best always.

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