Email Marketing – How to Get Started

If your business isn’t growing at the pace, you would like it to, you should start an email marketing strategy right away. Why? Because your list are special people who signed up specifically to learn more from your business. These people follow you and buy from you.

Your email list is a great place to have a 1-on-1 conversation with these special people. That conversation can lead to many more sales and clients, if handled the right way.

Tips for Email Marketing

  • Keep your emails simple, yet exciting, tell a story
  • 1 main focus per email
  • Use a vibrant image
  • Use call-to-action button
  • Speak as if they were your good friend
  • Make certain they feel EXCLUSIVE because they are on your list (keep telling them that over and over)
  • Give them special information and sales opportunities-VIP
  • Do your research and use powerful words that attract in your email title
  • Sign it by an actual person/team member, not the company
  • Stick to a schedule – Send regularly on same day of week
  • Stay committed to that schedule

How Often Do I Send Emails?

I suggest business owners email their list once per week to stay connected with them.

Update them on new things happening and add special offers or introduction/re-introduction to your product or services.

Did you know some studies of businesses show 30%-45% of all revenue back to an email that was sent? That’s over 1 in every 4 purchases!

Email marketing is proven to be the #1 way to get sales for many businesses.

One tip for email marketing success comes down to your copy-writing ability.

After all, people only take action after reading words that inspire them to take action.

That Conversation

That conversation should be good! It should add value to that special person’s life, keep them coming back, share benefits of your products or services, announce sales or special promotions, get them excited about changing their life, and direct them where you want them to go and do next.

Get Started

Sign up for Mailchimp or Drip. These are the 2 programs that I recommend.

Do your research. Watch videos about getting started with each.

Sign up. Start talking to your list and start selling.

Research and learn ways to grow your email list.

Need more help with email marketing?

Contact me or grab a 1-on-1 session with me.

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