5 Things Your Social Media Manager Wants You to Know

5 things your social media manager wishes you would stop doing

Are you working with a Social Media Manager? Would you want to know what they are honestly thinking?

I’m certain your Social Media Manager is as honest with you as they can be, while remaining respectful.

However, there are a few things your Social Media Manager wishes you’d stop doing!

Let me enlighten you.

I have years of experience assisting business owners as a Social Media Manager. For the most part, it’s been wonderful! But you, Mr., or Mrs. Business Owner, you need to open your eyes. I should note: That these apply to your Virtual Assistant or Business Assistant as well.

5 Things Your Social Media Manager Wishes You’d Stop Doing

1. Spreading Yourself Too Thin

You are working on too many things and trying to do too much. We hear it in your voice. We see it in the results we aren’t getting.

We know running a business is difficult, because most of us are running our own business too.

You are accomplishing nothing. You are running in circles. You may have to step back, slow down, breathe, and make new strategic moves. You must FOCUS! These moves may cost more money, but it’s worth it, because it saves your sanity!

  • Slow down and focus your time where needed
  • Get rid of unnecessary daily distractions
  • Get your home base organized FIRST (website, social media, branding, messages, target, email marketing)
  • Set up useful programs and processes (to make your duties easier)
5 things your social media manager wishes you would stop doing

2. Not Trusting Our Expertise

You are usually comfortable venting to us, so we listen and offer up solutions and options. However, for some reason… you don’t trust in our suggestions, experience, or knowledge.

We’ve noticed you will listen to others more than you listen to us. The funny thing is you usually pay double or triple to them. We are telling you the same thing. LISTEN!

We know you don’t trust our expertise when you do this.

Don’t forget, we have worked with many other businesses. We are constantly learning to stay current with the times. We have figured out, researched, and experienced what works.

Trust in your Social Media Manager/ Virtual Assistant/ Business Assistant.

And here’s a quick word about our pay!

Please remember our time is as valuable as yours. We also know what our skills and expertise areas are worth. We charge accordingly for our expertise as well.

3. Stop Relying on Social Media Only to Grow Your Business

It will grow, but at the pace of a snail. Are you noticing this? All the Social Networks have stopped your business from talking to your audience unless you pay. Or discover ways around the algorithm. Why haven’t you tried expanding your marketing strategy to something else to get things rolling? Let’s make some sales. What can you try?

  • Create a landing page to gather emails – Then talk to your list or do launches
  • Paid Google ads
  • Paid Facebook ads
  • Facebook group posts (free ads) in those that allow business advertisement
  • Writing blogs

4. Work with Us On Creating Content and New Strategies

Let’s plan ahead. What topics and specials will be in our strategy next month? Keep the pictures and content coming! Help us to captivate your audience to keep things fresh. Help us to think outside the box. Let’s put on a sale or give a discount. Send videos. Share comments or feedback people are saying about the business, products, or services.

5. Contacting Us After Hours

Stop it! If we set hours, please respect them. A quick text is not acceptable either. It disrupts our family time. Our time away from the office is just as necessary as yours is. We need to readjust, refocus, and relax too. Let us enjoy it in peace.

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