How to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

You want to start an email marketing strategy, but you have no idea how you will find the time? Make the time!

It’s worth it to stay committed to an email marketing strategy. Why? It’s one of the best ways to grow your business and to sell more.

Your email list is a list full of people that have voluntarily signed up to hear from you. What did you promise them in exchange for their email? You should stay committed and deliver!

How to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

Send Weekly Emails

Send weekly emails and send it out on the same day and same time. Why? Because your readers will know exactly when you will show up in their inbox. If you write good email titles and offer value, each email you send will get opened.

Pick a day of the week and a time to stick to. Check the analytics on your email program. Are your open rates good? If not, try a different time and day.

Best Email Tips!

Emails don’t have to be long! Give short, powerful emails that encourage and instruct. Tell a story. Share a lesson. Help to change their life. Help them get from point A to point B.

Keep A List of Topics

Keep a list of topics. Pull topics from your social media posts, questions that you get, or questions you see often with ‘the topic.’ This way you will never run out of topics.

Add A Special Offer or Discount

After you give a short, powerful email offer a coupon or discount to get a sale! Everyone loves to save money. If you word your offer right—meaning explain the benefits and then the urgency (limited time offer) they will be sure to BUY your product or BOOK your services.

Stick to 1 or 2 topics per email. Do not overwhelm them.

Use call-to-action buttons in your email. These buttons stand out and direct the reader what to do next. You can lead them wherever you want to go. To a website page, checkout, store, blog, landing page, social media page.

Read Articles About Writing Better Email Titles

Certain words get people excited. Certain words make people curious. The more time you set aside to learn for your business, the more improvements you can make. Increase Email Open Rates with Catchy Email Subject Lines & 19 Proven TIPS to Get Your Emails Opened

Make Your Emails Personable

Make the email from a real person, not a company or business. Different team members can contribute to email writing. Just be clear about who they are, use a picture, and give their job title.

Build Anticipation About Future Products, Sales, and Services

Use your emails to get readers excited about something coming soon. Create excitement. Tell them how it will help. List the benefits. Express limited time only. Add why this sale came about (clearing out inventory, have an excess). Announce when it will be starting. Do you research about product launches, start here Jeff Walker’s Best Tips To Launch A Successful Digital Product

How to Find the Time to Write Emails?

Determine a day of the week that you will always send an email out. Set aside 1 hour to write an email about 4 days prior. Make the time. Keep it simple. Write it, proofread it, and spell check it. Then schedule it. Mailchimp has a scheduler with the Essential Plan. If you post every Saturday, what if you have time to start the next Saturday’s email? You would be ahead of your own schedule!

Start with these tips to improve your email marketing strategy. Always keep learning for your business. Check back here to this blog for more tips and steps to keep your followers reading and make more sales.

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