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Impact Business Consulting Sessions

Do you need help with online business development? You’ve found it! Let’s Build Your Best Business! Grab a 40-minute zoom session or phone call with me to talk about proven business development strategies specific to your business growth.

1-40-Minute Business Consulting Session is ONLY $50.00!

Do you have business development questions? Get all of your business questions answered today! We can fix problem areas with your business or your store. Get one-on-one help, instruction, advice, and proven solutions. Book an Impact Business Consulting Sessions today!

Online Presence Business Development

Get hands-on help with all of your online business devlopment needs! Assistance with marketing, website improvements, messaging, brand building, SEO, customer connection social media, and strategy. Standout online. Attract clients Sell more!

Let’s get specific about Online Presence Business Development -What Can We Do for You?

  • We do help with a social media strategy, plan, and execution. Each business has a different strategy. However, its smart marketing to be present on some social networks because they are where people seardh. We utilize social media as a tool to push traffic to your store or site or publications about what you do or offer. Entertain. Educate. Awareness. Drive Traffic. Visiblity. Connection. However, there’s so much more you can do to create business exposure online besides social media.
  • We help with the growth and overall increase of your busiss online reputation. Including search engine registration, registration in other online lists and publications, making connections and networking, some public relations, and creating online exposure. That may be forum posting, publishing blogs, publications submitting to other online sources, Linkedin articles, sharing videos and information, community awareness, and increasing when potential customers or clients search.
  • Numbers! We want to watch your analytics, because it matters. Are you getting any website traffic at all? If the answer is no, then we have work to do to reach people who need you, your products, or your services! If you answered yes, where is that traffic coming from? Because that’s what’s working! Where do you need to improve or “up” your “marketing game”?

We offer monthly packaged service prices starting at $250.00. Single Project pricing available too! Let’s Build Your Best Business.

Website Support Maintenance + Management

Get help today with your website. We offer help with updates, improvements, design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , maintenance, image uploads, video uploads, improvements, content, management, and more!

Become MORE visible – Trained in Shopify, GrazeCart, GrazeU, Drip, Squarespace, WordPress, Wix, Weebly. Can easily work through other programs.

Let’s Build Your Best Business!

Website Maintenance Hourly Rates – Paid upfront. No refunds. Hours expire after 2 full months from purchase date. $30.00 per hour.

Website Monthly Management Packaged Rates – starts at $200 per month. Rate will be determined based on your business needs.

Website Build – Full complete website build. Costs start at $1500.00 and go up depending on features, time, design, ecommerce, and other extras. Full quote will be given after we determine all features of website. Client will be responsible for all monthly fees for all website programs to keep your website live online. Half of website quote will be due upfront 1 week prior to project start. Remaining half due 1 week (7 days) after website completion.

Darlene and client will determine at the end of the project who will be responsible for monthly maintenance. Additional monthly or project fees for this services will be necessary and to be determined.

Guarantee: You will have a fully functional website and you will have total access and ownership. However, you will be responsible for all monthly fees for all website programs to keep your website live online. You will be trained in website maintenance basics.

Business Development-Did you build your own website?

Or did you hire someone else to build it? Do you know how well it’s performing? Does someone else know how well it’s performing? Wait…no one knows how well the website is performing? Someone should ALWAYS be watching those numbers! Just because a website has images and paragraphs and is “live”, doesn’t mean it’s doing anything!

If you arent’ watching the daily numbers— how do you know what marketing strategies are working well for you? It’s a HUGE mistake not to know this information.

There are many pieces to put together for a website to work well for you! And if you don’t have all the pieces, people will never discover your business! Let’s Build Your Best Business!

Online Presence Business Review

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur looking for a professional online review of your business with recommendations on what to improve and why . – Request your online review today!

$80.00 (Paid Upfront) Any Review of your website or online presence.

This review comes with a typed or verbal (your choice) list of improvements or actions that are recommend to help enhance your business performance.


Request Services CONTACT Darlene McKinney by calling 1-513-280-0711 or reach us by email on our secure Contact Form.

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